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    Entering SP mode on SP420dn?

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    Entering SP mode on SP420dn?

    I have a customer that has one of these that I need to reset fuser code but can't find how to enter SP mode in the service manual. I don't sell these little one's and haven't messed with'em. If you could help me with this simple info I can take it from there! Thanks in advanced!

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    Re: Entering SP mode on SP420dn?

    That you can do by following method:

    1.Turn the machine off and then after 5 second turn it on while pressing the “On Line” key and “Escape” key together until “SYSTEMver x.xx/1. Service” shows on the display.
    2.Use the “Up/Down arrow” keys to scroll through the menu listing.
    3. Press the (OK) key while
    on the display writes " 2. Engine " .
    4.go to "[5810 001] - Fusing SC Reset" by scrolling the“Up/Down arrow” keys and press the [OK] key (on the display should write execute or done) press [OK] again if is needed to press it.
    5. After this turn off and than after 5 second turn it on the machine.
    Please do not change nothing else in this menu only reset the fusing unit SC code, because if you change some other values and settings you might to regret that and pay high price for that.
    So only reset the Fuser SC code SC542 by the upper mentioned method and do nothing else


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