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Not for us, we had several 2050/2550's out on building sites, and had this option enabled for scanning.

Is that an additional USB (seperate from the controller one) or for the 2030?
It is an additional device that connects to the USB on the controller. It mounts on the left side cover of the scanner near the front and provides easy access for both USB and SD card. My guess is that with out the device, you can only use USB, have to have access to the slot at the back of the C2050/2550 and be sure to use the correct USB slot. The SP for turning on the slot is part of the installation.

The C2030/2530 do not have the option. They only have one USB slot and that is for connecting a digital camera, according to the Service Manual you must have PictBridge installed.

From the service manual:
USB Slots:
Left-side USB slot [C]: Used for connecting a digital camera (only works if PictBridge is installed).
Right-side USB slot [D]: Used when installing the optional USB2.0/SD card slot
D038/D041 has two slots. D037/D040 has only one slot (there is no optional USB2.0/SD card slot for these models).