I have an MP C5501A that for the life of me i can not get to print. What doesn't make sense is the fact that i can find it through the web image monitor and even set up a scans folder and successfully complete a scan but i cannot find it on the network when i go to manually add a printer using the tcp/ip address.

I reformatted the HDD using sp-5-832-1 but that didn't do anything. I also noticed that the reception protocol in file transfer was set to POP3 and i changed it to IMAP4 but i honestly don't even know what those are for. I am more on the mechanical side and this network stuff is not my strong side.

Also to note my Windows 10 computer did download the printer automatically using the universal driver that it does but it will not allow me to go in there and give it a new driver or configure the port (because those universal drivers and the ports they use take FOREVER to print). And this machine had a postscript chip in there before (i took it out as this one did not require it) and while it was in there i was able to print to it through my Iphone on the ricoh print and scan app using the ip address that i had assigned it.

So i am stumped and feel like there must be a setting that needs to be changed or something because it doesn't make sense that i can scan to it and my phone can print to it but i can't manually find it or add it. Very frustrating! Any help is much appreciated thanks!