Depending on the type of Ricoh Printer (I know this works for SP100 & 200 series printers) you have and the version of Smart Organizing Monitor (SOM) there is another way to access the service mode and reset SC codes, especially SC542. Follow the next steps
1) Printer should be On and attached to your PC with USB
2) Next Start Smart Organizing Monitor (SOM)
3) In the bottom Left will be an "About" button, click on this button and a new screen will appear. The screen will roughly look like the sun on a horizon.
4) Hold CTRL+SHFT and RIGHT CLICK TWICE in the Center of the Image (whitest spot, center). This will bring up the Service Mode
5) In the Bottom Center of the new screen you should see a button labeled SC Fuser Reset. Click this button.
6) Turn off printer and Turn back On.

This should clear the error code. As you should know if you do not resolve the underlying issue the problem will continue to occur and cause the code to reappear. Like any error simply resetting and ignoring may lead to permanent damage of your printers.