Hello folks. I am working with a client using Counter Point point of sale system who is wanting their invoices stapled. According to their Counter Point IT the Invoice is rendered as multiple jobs in the form of an original and a copy. Our MPC 3503 won't staple both, though it will hold and 'non-staple' the individual pages. At the IT's behest I've been looking into trying to set the print copies to 2 and have it staple. So far this has failed. I haven't seen anything in the manual about print settings that would allow this.

As a note: Counter Point is looking at the driver values and so far I have been told that the POS system cannot give specific commands to printer such as Staple or Color for instance.
I have tried the following sensical and nonsensical things in order to get a Copy 2 on Prints to Staple:
Set Copy to 2 in Printer Features
Tray Priory to Driver Command
Set Copies to 1 and have had the POS system send the Invoice twice
Job Separation = ON

As far as I can tell this isn't possible as they would like it. That being said, another office of the client's as it working on a Xerox. I haven't been able to get information on how, if it is a printer adjustment at the machine or PC. Or if there is a third party program intercepting and integrating the jobs into one. I am assuming that their POS system set up is the same as it is apart of the same company doing the same things, just in another state. This would indicate either I am wrong and lacking in this bit of knowledge or the Xerox has capabailites in this regard that are different from the Ricoh MPC 3503.

Thank you for Reading and hop I was understandable.