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    1224c Scanning Issue

    Have an interesting issue with a 1224C. Ill post pictures soon as I can but here it is in a nutshell.

    When making duplex copies through the DF it leaves a light blue haze on the leading edge and along the edges of the copies about half way down the page. This only happens in Auto Color and Full Color modes. B&W, single and double color modes do not do this. Additionally, duplex copies made off the platen glass do not have this blue haze. B&W duplex copies through the DF in color mode have this haze as well and also u can see the print from the opposite side on the back side of the copy in cyan.

    Am going back and going to try a new lens block assy. Oh and I did update all firmware on the machine so its all up to date.

    Like I said will post pictures in a few, but has anyone seen/heard of this issue before? Did a search and didnt find anything.


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    This is a classic case of lens block assembly faulty - they had a batch that the glue loosened on the CCD.
    Needs replacing.
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    The lens block assembly would cause that fault, but this was most prevalent years ago and most of these machines I go to have had a modified block fitted.

    One simple thing to check is the position of the white reference plate on the main LHS scale, if the edge of the glass is over the reference plate then the copier will get a white balanced that is heavily biased towards cyan (because the cross section of the glass at the edge has a blue/cyan tinge).

    Also check that no toner has worked it's way under there. I personally wasted quite a lot of time a while back fixing a copy quality problem that was purely down to toner on the reference plate.

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