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    Ricoh 3800CP Garbled Service Menu

    Ok, someone performed a total memory clear on the printer. When it was turned off and turned back on, and allowed to go into the general usage mode, nothing was displayed on the screen.

    When I entered the service mode, all the menu options are garbled.

    Any idea what happened?

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    Firmware problem?
    ! RTFM !
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    Yeah, got a second opinion, and it looks like a firmware issue... Now if this guy can just figure out how to load it correctly... So far, it's been funny to watch.

    Luck just isn't on my side today!

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    Whoops they didn't want to do that.

    When you do a memory all clear on this model the settings go back to default.
    But the default language is NOT english it's Japanese.

    You need to enter the PP mode and re-enter the correct country code.
    (PP mode is not covered in the service manual, it's a factory mode but there is a RTB).
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