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    Ricoh cl7000 SC818, help!

    Hi everyone. I posted on a thread further down about my busted Cl7000. Everyone was very helpful and I made progress. The story is I bought another one very cheaply and put all of the best parts I had on it. I'm having a couple of problems though, an occasional 'SC818' fault, which clears if you switch the printer off and then comes back. Also my computer doesn't seem to like to see the printer on a fixed IP anymore, only DHCP. The network connection is very unstable, is this related? Any comments most appreciated. Thanks, Adam

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    818 B Watchdog error
    The Bus line is held up by another
    device, or a CPU/device infinite loop
    has occurred.

    Incorrect Function DIMM installed in
    Slot #2 on Controller PCB. (Slot #2 is
    for PostScript Option only)
    Reload System Firmware.
    Replace Controller PCB

    check to see if something is installed in this slot.

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