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    Re: Richo Aficio 1515 drum counter reset

    We send out the type 1515 PCU direct to the customer, it resets the message automatically when the unit is replaced.

    It's not quite as straightforward explaining it to the end user as say the 1027 is, you need to take the complete toner hopper out of the machine and then there's a small lead at the front with a blue connector that needs disconnecting but is quite doable for most customers who aren't complete technophobes.

    Like the 1027, the alarm is set to appear at 45k, the copy quality may be perfectly acceptable but this is the expected life that Ricoh place on the unit. It's up to you or your bosses to decide whether you are fitting it at the alarm or simply fitting it on failure. I've got a fair amount of these boxes on my patch and I do carry a spare PCU in the car, purely because some customers will not place a call for poor copy quality and/or "Replace PCU" alarm and will only call when the machine is finally down (usually SC500 main motor lock if the dev unit has seized or "won't add toner" when the dev auger gears are mashed).

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    Re: Richo Aficio 1515 drum counter reset

    I tried a few of the things suggested, but found that the service mode only allowed me options from 1 to 4. So I tried checking the clip on the rear of the drum unit. My situation was I installed a new drum but must have not followed the correct procedure as once I installed the new OEM unit I still had the "replace photoconductor message". What fixed it for me was to reinstall the metal tab on the bottom rear of the PR module behind the white gear which is only seen from beneath the module and it is at the very rear. You can rotate the drum coupler until the slot is visible in the gear then hold the metal tab, gently, in the slot as you rotate the drum coupler slightly until the metal tab is now behind the gear. This holds the metal tab contacts in place so as to create contact briefly at power up until the drum rotates. Now that your tab is in place, reinstall the PR module with the covers open and power up the machine. Once it tells you to close the covers go ahead and do so. It took a minute or two before the message went away, but it cleared once I performed this method. I believe my original error was to install the unit and closed the covers before powering on which allowed the drum to rotate before the counter had been cleared by the tab/contact precedure. I cannot promise you anything but this procedure worked for me. I do NOT reccomend this procedure as a method to extend the use of the drum module past it's life cycle as I have heard of bad consequences such as broken gears due to things binding up from over use.

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    Re: Richo Aficio 1515 drum counter reset


    ive had to reset with that flag some times during shipping it gets bumped around well thats how i see it as....i tried that 5912 or whatever the sp is turned off the pcu count worked great

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    Re: Richo Aficio 1515 drum counter reset

    Just perform 2214, it will reset the drum counter but you know consequences.....

    Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.....A.E.

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    Re: Richo Aficio 1515 drum counter reset

    Use SP7804

    Resets the PM counter.
    [0 = No / 1 = Yes]
    After selecting “1”, hold down the Original Type key and
    press the OK key (or # key) to execute the reset. If the
    reset is successful, the display shows “Action completed.”

    PCU Counter Reset
    SP 7909
    select 1 and press the OK key.

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