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    I couldn't see another BICU board making a difference after it had already been replace once by a known good one.
    And to be honest I cannot see another laser unit doing much to fix the issue either as the service code is I.D sensor related.

    You established in your last reply all colours print ok which means the laser unit is functional.

    I would still be looking at the I.D sensors.
    Specifically the wire harness that connects the sensors to I/O and BICU board.

    What about the I/O board have tried one of those?
    Failing that I would rip out the wire harness and fit a new one.

    I'm not saying I'm correct as I have not had to fix this service code before, but that is what I would be looking at.

    Anyway please let us know the outcome as your experience of this fault may help others / me in the future.

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    Without replacing more hardware i managed to get the machine working by changing the threshold values for Vsg. Though, the value that should be 4 volts, is in my case about 4.6 v for the M Vsg. I have made >1000 prints and sveral manual Process control executions without problems.
    Maybe this is Firmware related?? Im still waiting for a response from the manufacturer.

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    Re: SC 400 on MP-C2500/4500

    where can i find the id sensor ?

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    Re: SC 400 on MP-C2500/4500

    Good morning grave robber. I take it that you did not notice that this thread has been dead and buried for over 6 1/2 years. Start a new thread and we will help you.

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