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    MPC7501 SC404 and other related SC's

    Hi guys.

    A couple of questions please. I have a couple of these beasts still out in the field and they are due to be changed within a few weeks.
    Last week i was getting SC413 and related SC's. Black PQ/CQ was very poor and there was a mark on the transfer belt. Because i have a few of these sat in the workshop i replaced both units in their entireity for unit's that had been refurbed-pm'd and ran the relevant SP's i.e. TD init for black and Force toner position on the belt to recalibrate it. Today the machine has come back with an SC404 which reckons the Cyan is over the limit when reading the pattern off the belt.
    As said i just need to get this machine and another over the line so to speak and was thinking of changing SP3301 1-4 all to prescribed amount of toner. What im asking is will this effectively turn off the machine adding toner itself and stop error messages like SC404? i realise if this is the case the developer's may get overtoned but that's a chance im willing to take just for a few weeks. Thanks

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    Re: MPC7501 SC404 and other related SC's

    If you set it to a fix supply it will most likely get over or under toned within a day or two and your SC will come back very quickly.

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    Re: MPC7501 SC404 and other related SC's

    Clean and adjust IAW TSB 035. Cleaned the ID sensor assembly, TSB 017. If you swapped out the development unit, follow the instructions in TSB 040. Making the adjustments in the attached will help reduce toner scattering. Service Program (SP) Settings.pdf


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