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    Question Ricoh 4430L Fax - Won't Power On

    Fairly new to all these machine, but I have a 4430L that won't power on.
    Machine was working with a false paper jam, removed Fuser and replaced(no jams seen). When I hit the switch, machine wouldn't come on.
    Thinking it was a PSU issue, I replaced the board. (there was a burn on the old board at the power switch)
    Now that the new board is in, hit the switch and still nothing. Just looking for input on things that could cause it.

    Also, I tapped my multimeter around and the machine is getting power, but just won't come on.

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    Re: Ricoh 4430L Fax - Won't Power On

    By "Won't power on", do you mean that the machine's display is blank and there is no sound from the machine initializing? Sorry, I can't see your machine so I had to ask.
    That being said, I'll take a wild swing at this as long as you'll take that for what it is worth.
    If I was in that situation, I would reseat every connecter on the PSU, even if they looked OK. I have found that there is a surprisingly small distance between a good connection and a bad connection.
    I would also look for connecters on the board that were empty but shouldn't be (I have missed a connection or two from time to time when I've removed a circuit board, I like to claim that the offending wiring harness was affected by the gravitational force of the moons of Jupiter when that happens, but usually the wiring harness just got tucked in behind the board because I didn't see it when I reinstalled the board).
    Good luck!


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