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    Re: And the correct response is....

    I already have a snarky comment for that one since the person saying it usually has no clue how long it's been since you were there or they think it was the week before when in reality, it was 6...
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    Re: Ratio of copier/technicians

    We only service Konica Minolta and have about 700 machines in the field (that number has remained constant over about 30+ years) with the max distance on a few being 3 hours or so. Three techs and a...
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    Re: Any Techs using dash cams?

    I've had one for years in my company vehicle. I never even asked, I just wanted one because of all the idiot drivers around here. This video is from my first crappy dash cam from 5 years ago. It...
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    Poll: Re: Are you a technician?

    I'm waking up a bunch of old threads today. Yeah, it's slow here. :cool:

    I'm a technician in my 31st year at the place I started, now the senior tech since 2006.
  5. Thread: Van ramps?

    by srvctec

    Re: Van ramps?

    Soooooo, how did it work? :cool:
  6. [WTF] Re: What's the weirdest thing that you have ever found inside a copier,printer?

    Reviving this thread to add my 2 cents worth.

    In 31 years, 2 dead mice found in machines, both within my first 5 or 6 years of servicing copiers. Both were found in the same model of machine,...
  7. Re: Any Gear-Heads here? (and not the plastic kind)

    Yep, did tons of work on my car, a 1986 Chevy Monte Carlo SS I've owned since 1988. I did all this stuff back in 1994-1996 and still drive the car as often as possible. In fact, tonight is the...
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    Re: 3D printed copier/printer parts.

    allan, are you having issues with these parts breaking in the field? Or is this more of just a see what you can 3D build for copier parts? I ask because I've never seen one of those parts on the...
  9. Re: Bizhub C353 Color shift/Color registration error

    The key might be right here in this post. Maybe the K print head didn't quite get in exactly the correct position when it was replaced. Maybe one of the buttons that determine the position didn't...
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    Re: bizhub c280 SMB2 support in firmware

    Just curious if you then use Box Operator to access the scans from a PC vs. the convoluted, multiple clicks and screens to navigate to the Box page in PSWC. We install Box Operator in instances...
  11. Re: Bizhub C3110, 0094 error, can't figure out

    Also, make sure the 2 gears that mesh with the registration drive and move the 2nd transfer assembly, are in correct timing in relation to each other. The service manual tells exactly how to do this...
  12. Re: Bizhub C3110, 0094 error, can't figure out

    Yep. They were called sync rollers at least a decade before they were called registration rollers when I started on Minolta machines in 1988. So, that's what I still call them. I guess I need to...
  13. Re: Bizhub C3110, 0094 error, can't figure out

    Make sure the sync rollers rotate very easily. If not, lube all four bushings with a drop of Tri-Flow or something similar. When the sync rollers don't turn easily, there can be enough of a delay...
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    Re: scan to usb current settings

    Since it wasn't mentioned anywhere in this thread for some reason and is important.

    This only applies to 7/8 series and later. The 4e series does not have this option.
  15. Re: Bizhub 42 with Scanner Locked error (belt broken)

    Yeah, they are complete junk because of the crimp going the wrong way. All they needed to do to fix the issue was to put 3 or 4 crimps, PERPENDICULAR to the belt instead of in parallel with it and...
  16. Re: Bizhub C308 weird color registration/ print head problem

    I'd re-secure all plugs on the MFPB and PRCB as well as re-seat memory and NVRAM. Also maybe re-secure plugs to AIDC board assy as well. If you have another machine to take parts off of, take the...
  17. Re: What did you do before you were the copy guy or girl?

    I'm in Kansas, too! Lifelong resident.

    Out of high school in 1984, went to PHAC school and was the top sheet metal builder. Tried to find a job in sheet metal in my preferred town with no...
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    Poll: Re: What age group are you in?

    I swore I posted in here but I guess I just answered the poll. In my 31st year and 53 years old. Looks like there are more of us older guys than not which doesn't surprise me.
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    Re: Bizhub 350 fell over error C2557 and C5351

    Agreed and in response to the OP...

    The C2557 is probably since the machine fell over, some of the developer most likely spilled, causing the toner/carrier ratio to be out of spec.
  20. Re: Network tab missing after adding Fax and disable DHCP on Bizhub C353

    Well, that one is for the C352 which is not the same model as your C353 so you wouldn't really want it anyway. Those solutions files are supposed to be only for qualified technicians anyway.
  21. Thread: C360i

    by srvctec

    Re: C360i

    What web browser are you using? I had a similar issue with Firefox latest version but had to switch to Chrome.
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    [Misc] Re: Custom Paper Size 12x12

    From the User Quick Start Guide, tray 2 will accept max paper size 12 1/4" x 18".
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    Re: "4" series lightning strike

    I've had this exact same thing happen on a 4e series machine on service contract. The idiot customer completely disconnected the surge protector we sold to them with the machine (but left it setting...
  24. Thread: C360i

    by srvctec

    Re: C360i

    Yep, VERY important safety issue to keep in mind!! Thanks for the heads up.
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    Re: driver favourites + output method

    I just tried saving a favorite on C360 series driver and an 8 series. There is no way to save the output method as part of the info in the favorites. In both cases, the output method did not change...
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