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  1. Re: Kyocera KM-4050 Cassette 1 tray wont open (Copier Moved with Paper in Cassette)

    It's been almost 4 years, hopefully they got it resolved.

    Someone else might find your tip useful though. Welcome aboard.
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    Re: CS3050ci scan issue

    A few more details about the relationship between you, your boss, the customer, and the smtp server might be helpful.
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    Re: KM C258 offsetting issue

    The odd thing to me is that it appears that the white lettering (paper surface) is what is being shadowed with toner later on the page. It's not like it's a toner repeat. It's more of a negative...
  4. Re: restictive printing with microsoft surface pro

    Yes. It has worked for me before to get access codes passed to the copier but I haven't had to do it in a while now.
  5. Re: restictive printing with microsoft surface pro

    You could try going into the driver properties on the Surface machines and on the "Advanced" tab check "print directly to printer".
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    [Error Code] Re: Kmbs 552 pagescope ssl error!

    Just for clarity. Does the Administrator password you enter into Pagescope on the web interface work when entered from the panel of the copier?

    Nevermind: just saw where you posted earlier that...
  7. [Misc] Re: Copystar 3500i Job accounting management won't work with a Mac System

    You won't be able to get to the code entry until you have a document up to be printed. You will have to set a code there and either save as a preset or change each print job.
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    Re: KM5050 Condensed copy

    I've seen this issue caused by a drum drive problem before. But not on this series.
  9. [Misc] Re: Taskalpha 3550ci Will only "scan" one page at a time

    If you're scanning to jpg, that's a single page format. In the past what it would do is scan the document but only store the first page.
  10. Re: Movie Data File Konica Minolta bizhub C224 and bizhub 363

    It's an .exe that extracts into a .tar file
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    Re: C3350 Touch Screen

    The bulletin says it's due to the expansion memory. If you remove the expansion memory and the lock-ups stop then replace the expansion memory.
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    Re: TaskAlpha 4551ci with fiery

    Make sure "Offset" isn't set in the driver. That's one thing that'll cause this.
  13. Re: Kyocera Taskalfa 6550ci exit unit motor stalls

    Or make a transfer belt on a 300Ci rotate at random times. Even at idle.
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    Re: Kyocera fs-4200dn white copy

    Sounds like the linkage to your laser shutter isn't connected. When the cover closes it opens the shutter so your laser can write to the drum. When the cover opens the shutter covers the laser for...
  15. TI99/4A Emulator with cartridge files for the old school folks

    Software from!

    Just run the program and select your cartridge from the top bar.
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    [Misc] Re: Kyocera Setup Tool

    That's it. I'm just too lazy to type it all out.

    On step 1 we've always had to export everything to get it to work. If we just exported those 3 we couldn't convert. I haven't tried it since the...
  17. Re: TA3551ci with time for maintenance (A) casette 3

    MM250 is set for 150,000 for each paper tray. The warning will display when the 251 tray counter hits that number.

    You can set MM250 to 0 for the trays to disable the warning if you stay on top of...
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    [Misc] Re: Kyocera Setup Tool

    From the source copier run 917 and select everything ( not just address book, etc ) to export.

    Run setup tool as Admin and choose "File -> Convert" and select the folder with your exported files...
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    [Jamming] Re: Taskalpha 5551ci j6000,6001 codes

    Santander mentioned the jam code was paper arriving at the finisher before it exits the machine. I have seen this issue before but don't remember the exact jam code.

    On mine the low voltage power...
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    Re: Scan to Quick books

    Download the driver from the manufacturers website, run the installer, then run the Twain setup from the Programs menu.

    That's about all I can suggest with the info you've provided.
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    Re: Drum or developer? Or both? TA250ci

    If you've never done this before, that's some handy information to have. Thanks for the effort.
  22. [CQ] Re: FS 1135 Won't let,me set to Auto Density

    You are welcome.
  23. [CQ] Re: FS 1135 Won't let,me set to Auto Density

    Set "Color Selection" to black and white.
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    Re: Drum or developer? Or both? TA250ci

    Service manual doesn't cover it. You just have to take the back cover off and start removing everything below the board assembly. The drive unit for the developer comes off as a complete unit once...
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    Re: Drum or developer? Or both? TA250ci

    It is repairable. The drive assembly comes out from the back of the machine. There is a small pin that goes through the shaft to hold this coupler in place. First time takes about half a day to...
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