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    Re: MPc3002 Scanning

    Choose File Type and set it to single page PDF. Then Program, Program as default. Done
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    Re: windows 10 printing issues?

    There are many time that we have used GotoAssist to remotely log into a customers computer, with their permission of course, and fix most if not all print issues. Most "IT" people these day do not...
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    Re: Scanner Position Tool

    24 years working on Konica Minolta machines and I have only used one of those jigs 1 time. Yes it made it easier but something I found that seems to work very well is to take measurements from a...
  4. Re: Bizhub 558-Printing checks-pause all other jobs while checks are printing

    Get a printer specifically for checking writing only. May want to check into a Micr Toner capable printer. That is what these are designed for.
  5. [Misc] Re: Almost all customers' scans to email going to SPAM since this past weekend!?!

    Would be nice if customers would learn how to use the software that they choose to use. In this case once the scan leaves the copier and is received by the customers email software the machine is...
  6. Re: bizhub i-series hide the pre-installed MarketPlace Application


    Been there. Had to help Konica Minolta this past with a few things when they came down to show our sales staff a few things.
  7. Re: I want to start my own car wrapping business. How would I be able to start my bus

    From my understanding the One Color Wave series may have this capability. Just make sure the medium being printed on has Ultraviolet protection.
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    Re: Kyocera scan to smb on domain

    We usually just create a local user that is used just for scanning. In this way when the domain user changes the password to their account the scanning will still work.
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    Re: FYI on MP C6503 (Jam 098)

    This model does have an Envelope setting that has not failed us yet. Get good fusing, great text and the obligatory folding on some envelopes. Also, we always feed envelopes closed up.
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    Re: 7550ci OCR Scanning

    Was at Best Buy the other day and saw Adobe Acrobat Pro single license for $180. THis will also convert to OCR, Word, Excel. Not sure if it can be setup for Automated use or not though. If you are...
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    [Misc] Re: IMC Series Supervisor Password

    We always put a password in when we set the machine up. The setup instructions for these machines I believe actually have you turn this off in the service mode then finish setup. At completion of...
  12. Re: Any updates with setting up scan to folder on win 8/10

    Scanning to Windows 10 Home via SMB is still available. Usually just need to update the firmware on the copier. On Konica Minolta machine you must load to a specific firmware, change some Soft...
  13. Re: Possible way to get chromebook to do job accounting...

    Using Chromebook Classic print I do not see why it would not work.
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    Re: chromebooks questiond

    Might be possible to setup a "Classic Chrome Print" for each user and print through the shared printer that way. Since the printer itself has the user ID, if using codes, it should track that user...
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    Use caution when enabling SMBV1. There is a...

    Use caution when enabling SMBV1. There is a reason this was disabled. I believe it was the "Wanna Cry" virus. By enabling SMBV1 you are exposing the customer to this risk. Admittedly it seems...
  16. Re: Customer not on a network,wants scan to folder

    Not a Sharp manufacture tech but I'll take a stab at this.

    Chances are the computer is connected to the internet with the ethernet cable. This will in itself will prevent the copier from being...
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    Re: Licence Error C452

    Depending on what was installed that needed a license either needs to be removed or you will need to call a certified Konicaminolta tech. They will need to log into the license management software...
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    Re: Manufacturers

    The one that the user knows how to use and that the technician know how's to fix.
  19. Re: MP C305 - SC899 Will not go away (not connected to network).

    To clear the DHCP error you must give the machine an IP address. User/Tools Counter, System settings, Interface tab. Change the IP to static. The default one the copier gives will be fine. Once...
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    [Misc] Re: Custom Paper Size 12x12

    Since tray 2 can take 12 1/4 size width you should be able to program that size into the machine under "Custom Paper". Keep in mind that you must also tell the print driver that is is customer size...
  21. [Misc] Re: Paper size mismatch error received by one user

    What exactly is the message on the printer when this happens? Another thing it could be is she is trying to print tray 2 specifically but tray 1 actually has the correct paper. Could try going into...
  22. Re: Network tab missing after adding Fax and disable DHCP on Bizhub C353

    Service mode, System 2, initialization. Then choose your poison. Keep in mind if you initialize the whole machine you will need to turn the HDD on again. You may or may not lose the address book. ...
  23. Thread: FTP Scanning

    by mincopier

    Re: FTP Scanning

    This would be handy. Every FTP I have done has always failed with the hostname. IP worked every time. Though there was one Minolta that hostname did work. SMB has worked for both hostname and IP...
  24. Re: What Muslims in Canada really thinl about Canada

    Islam is the most successful totalitarian form of government/religion/ideology. There is very few, if any, former Muslim countries. Of those few that were formerly a Muslim country there was a lot...
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    Re: 3D printed copier/printer parts.

    As the technology improves there will not be a need to order smaller parts like this. Just download the file from the manufacture and print it. Now so that the manufacture does not lose money they...
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