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  1. Re: What should I charge for a service agreement for a Designjet T1300 and 4500 Scann

    Our company offers a service contract on labor only, parts and supplies are extra. And there's a clause that OEM supplies must be used. Overall I can think of only a few occasions when we got...
  2. Re: What to use to clean Canon's white panel

    I'm a fan of Fast505. Any marks remaining after the Fast505 come off with paraffin lamp oil.
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    Re: Kyocera Taskalfa 3300i

    Can you print via crossover from your laptop? Maybe a duplicate IP? =^..^=
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    Re: 2330c color smear

    Additionally, keep in mind that unintentionally that 10% black halftone became composite black in the PDF conversion process. So any fault that you see in cyan, will appear in equal measure in the...
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    [Misc] Re: TA 250 ci image problem

    A possible source of high voltage shutting down is cracked developer spacers. You ask: "Which color?" It could be any color causing the entire HVT to shut down, but usually the color that bands the...
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    Re: Can't connect

    If you're waiting for the driver to discover every printer you'll be disappointed. Approximately 25% of all the driver installs I've done do not discover a static IP or hostname of the new printer....
  7. [Jamming] Re: 8002i with 0360 error and registration jam

    Wow! Two good ones! Thanks for sharing! =^..^=
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    [Misc] Re: TA 250ci white space

    I think I've seen this before. The transfer belt rides on these bronze bushings at the corners of the belt assembly. Sometime these bronze bushings whop out inside the bore, but it sounds like you've...
  9. Re: Wanted: 1970's Copiers - Xerox 3100 series, Mita Copystar 500D or 900D, etc.

    If you'd have asked me a decade ago I had 6 of them (Mita 900D's). They all had basically the same problems, cracked registration rollers. One of them worked, the others were for parts. I sold the...
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    Re: General Firmware question

    That is correct. Special firmware is the latest Basic Firmware + a repair to a specific problem. If you don't have the specific problem, use the last Basic Firmware. =^..^=
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    Re: C6000 and pro 1100 In flood

    Typically it's not cost effective to repair water damaged electronics. Even if it's dried out immediately, you'll still get corrosion on the metal conductors that will show up as very difficult to...
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    Re: General Firmware question

    It only takes once, updating the firmware ... just because, then discovering 3 or 4 days later that every machine you updated no longer transmits faxes any more. There for a while when we only...
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    Re: Scanner Position Tool

    Back in the analog days when you scanned once per printed page, it was not uncommon to find a snapped scanner wire rope. In my very first Mita DC-313Z class we removed and re-installed scanner wire...
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    [Misc] Re: BH C220 lost address book

    This makes the most sense to me. Especially on older machines that the addressbook has gone unchanged for a decade, I've found individual entries that read correctly on the web interface but the data...
  15. Thread: Kip 7170K

    by blackcat4866

    [Misc] Re: Kip 7170K

    Sorry I can't help, but will be watching the responses. I had a roll feed unit on a Kip 3000 kick my ass for 5 years on & off, until it went obsolete (thank God). =^..^=
  16. Re: Toshiba E457 Com #10 Envelopes, the bypass and job status

    I went through this exact issue with on a Lexmark. There is a setup procedure in the software to set print defaults, specifically tray selection and media type. Additionally the MFP must...
  17. Re: KM Bizhub c280 moving vertical black lines

    95mm is the interval for a drum defect.

    Try this:
  18. Re: Can you replace Ethernet connector on Bizhub C654e MFP board?

    If it's a single layer board ... maybe. When digitals first came out I carried these cheapo modem cards you could get from the bargain bin for $5. If you have adequate soldering skills it can be...
  19. [Misc] Re: HP M5035 scanned PDF are corrupted\invalid - Windows 10 scan to shared folder

    I saw something similar to this on an older Toshiba. PDF scans all arrived at 0KB size and would not open or be deleted. I discovered later that I could not delete the scan folder or change its...
  20. [Misc] Re: Kyocera KM-3040 ADF Feed Motor Issues

    I'll look up this numbers this evening. In the meantime you'll have to come to some conclusion:

    Does it EVER do this problem off the glass? If yes, it's not the document feeder. Try running 100...
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    Re: C558 Tray 3 jam and noise

    bizhub 658e with PC-415, J9901 and J20-02

    How about this? =^..^=
  22. [Misc] Re: Kyocera KM-3040 ADF Feed Motor Issues

    Hi Mike. Welcome to Copytechnet. I would be remiss if I didn't point out some holes in your story:

    You say the image registration varies when you use the ADF, then you say it does the same thing...
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    Re: Taskalfa 6052ci - disabled duplex

    The CIS lamp is part of the CIS unit. We saw a lot of C3210 codes on Saturns. The most common cause was a failure of the CIS cooling fan, allowing the CIS to overheat. Were it me, I think I would...
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    Re: bizhub c258 fixing unit

    Please try to forgive my skepticism.

    Usually when I have this kind of resolution, I get another opportunity to solve the same problem in the near future on the same machine. =^..^=
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    Re: Hello everyone

    Welcome! =^..^=
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