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    Re: Xerox Workcentre 7225

    As usual PhilB is spot on.

    If you are going to be servicing Xerox equipment you should PM "Xtrain" and see about a laptop with all the EDOC's for the equipment you will be servicing.
    You should...
  2. Re: Xerox Phaser 7760 Drum release lever handle won't go up, it's jammed or stuck

    If what I suspect is true it's not a easy job.

    Please check the teeth at the bottom of the lift jack handle where they engage the lift assembly (both left and right side).

    If you are "VERY...
  3. Re: Resetting CentreWare Internet Services password to defaults on Xerox Color C75 Pr

    Interfacep told you correctly.

    Do all he said from the control panel, and you will be fine.

    (Forget the web interface until you have reset the Admin password from the control panel)
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    Re: 7220 email question

    Why would you want to use just email on a MFP?

    Just use message portion of scan to email.
  5. Thread: Xerox WC-7428

    by rockdude

    Re: Xerox WC-7428

    Error indicates "poor" connection to the "LPH" (Magenta)

    Remove and re-seat "LPH" (Magenta)

    Check all connections from MCU PWB to "LPH" (Magenta)

    If all connections are good, replace "LPH"...
  6. Re: Xerox B8045 not copying 2 to 2, no fault codes. It would print configuration repo

    First let's get our facts straight.

    You say "copying" in duplex (2x2) is not working in your title, but in your question you say "printing" is not duplexing.

    Then you say other duplex functions...
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    [Misc] Re: WC 7830 NVM Value List

    What service manual are you looking in?

    I only know of WS78XX being on E-Doc?
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    Re: Xerox WC 3345 reboots

    So to be clear it "Does" or "Does Not" reboot when you ping the MFP?

    Also try different IP address for MFP and let us know what happens?
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    Re: NVM setting list for WorkCentre 7535

    Hi Qiyi,

    While the copier photo replication print process is essentially the same across all Photocopiers. The repair process can be "VERY" different between manufactures.

    Xerox uses a E-Doc...
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    Re: Xerox 7830, stuck booting

    Then the answer is simple simply "refuse" to work on Xerox machines. (That will show Xerox!)

    Let us poor "Lifetime Xerox Tech" suffer thru the agony.

    I think the old saying goes appropriately...
  11. [Jamming] Re: Xerox Workcentre 4250 jams entrance Fuser

    Phil B correct in order to properly diagnose problem it would be very helpful to have addtional information.

    That being said, check the fuser exit sensor. It breaks easily when installing fuser,...
  12. Thread: AltaLink

    by rockdude

    Re: AltaLink

    Generic Toner #1 Cause in my book.
  13. Re: ColorQube 8570 - Jamming, Poor image quality

    If it should suddenly comeback again, try changing the Y-Axis belt.

    Good luck.
  14. [Misc] Re: Workcentre 7132 IBT no color print and B&W yes

    Did the printer print in "Color" BEFORE you changed the IBT?

    If it did and the new IBT only prints in Black & White.

    The center drive dog in the back of the IBT belt assembly popped off. There...
  15. Re: ColorQube 8570 - Jamming, Poor image quality

    Okay you probably are “NOT” going to like what I am going to suggest be here goes.

    I did not see that you replaced the D.M. Camshaft (Usually Cracks in the cams)
    If you "DID" then see below.

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    Versalink C7030 Needs Postscript

    As the saying goes "No Good Deed Goes Unpunished"

    I got a chairty (Ronald McDonald House) a great deal on a Versalink C7030.

    I told them it would do all the special Xerox App Studio plugins...
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    [Error Code] Re: activation code

    You have a couple of choices.

    I have never tried the NVRAM save and battery trick, so I leave that up to you.

    I think "Phil B" and the rest of the guys are probably right in that you have the...
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    Re: firmware edocs and tools

    Talk to "XTRAIN"

    Honest, and fair. (I speak from personel expierence)
  19. Re: ColorQube 8570 - Jamming, Poor image quality

    Okay what "Phil B" said was absolutely correct, in that you really should give the jam codes to

    help us help you, but today is your lucky day I had some extra time so I will give you my over 20...
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    Re: Xerox 7556 - sold/metered pin generation

    It does it exist but carefully guarded.

    You can get code if you are willing to pay.
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    Re: problem boot in xerox altalink B8090

    Okay let's just step back for a minute.

    The original call was for a "toner cartridge" issue.

    A. Check and see if this machine is under a "Billing Impressions Plan"? i.e. PagePack, PerClick,...
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    Re: problem boot in xerox altalink B8090

    Did this machine ever work?

    How old is it? What versin firmware are you running?

    When did this problem start? (Did customer give any help as to when or why this happend? i.e. Lighting storm,...
  23. Re: what causes dark background on copies, but scans and prints look fine?

    Can you tell us if thier is "ANY" difference when you make copies on the glass as oppsed to the ADF?

    If you make a copy of a "BLANK" white page both on the ADF and on the glass, is thier any...
  24. Re: Xerox 7500 DN Phaser - White Streak Issue on Magenta

    Please see attached Xerox bulletin

    I have used this kit to eliminate lite stripes caused by the developer unit.

    While this was not originally intended for the Phaser 7500 I have used it on them...
  25. Re: Xerox 7500 DN Phaser - White Streak Issue on Magenta

    While MagicJake is is a lot of work just for a diagnosis.
    (and the odds of breaking something go up dramatically with each removal and replacement)

    A simpler solution would be just...
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