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  1. Re: FS-4200DN Command Center RX reset password

    Ok i found a way to reset without resetting engine board.

    its that same way that one person post on forum but i wasn't sure that this will work with newer machine but its worked.

    its form this...
  2. FS-4200DN Command Center RX reset password


    so i have 4 Kyocera FS-4200DN and i don't have passoword for them.
    if remember correct its first generation that have Commend Center RX

    Of course i tried many things (searched if there...
  3. Re: KM-4035 tray 1 message "paper drawer out of order"

    this simulation is always forst to use if customer say that he got 3 time in row jam like 3 time jam of duplex or paper feed then machine block this option even if its default option like I paper...
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    Re: Taskalpha 5500i error code C6030

    It's always power issue. Problem is a Power module where is zero-cross witch check what power is connected (110V or 230V) if form some reson have loss of power (som deice can make this) then...
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    Re: Kyocera km-3530,km-3035,km-3050 opc drum

    Form my experience that drum won last more then 150 000 copy in best and you need change setting almost in every 2-5000 printed/copied page.
    In that case you want buy OEM product :P even if isn't...
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    Re: cs-820 intermittent image shift

    I have once that problem, machine AMS not working properly because switch was dirty ant if i remember that format width limiter have very specific system to detect what format you placed. But first...
  7. Re: FS-6525 Interrupting Faxes to make copies?

    if i remember correct you can change fax settings that fax wont be printed but send to email or smb folder. there is even option to suspend machine form printing and even copy if you need but don't...
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