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    Question Quick Question! Doing Maintenance on MX-M354N.

    I noticed when the parts came in for the maintenance that the;

    MX-311RT is the same as AR-310IR
    MX-312NR is the same as AR-310DR
    MX-311NC is the same as AR-310NC.

    Which pissed me off a bit because we bought parts for items we have a lot in stock for.
    So today, I'm going to do the maintenance with the AR parts (except developer), and see what happens. Anyone here have experience doing this?

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    Quick Question! Doing Maintenance on MX-M354N.

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    Re: Quick Question! Doing Maintenance on MX-M354N.

    No sure about the drum and the charge, but the rollers are slightly different. MX311RT has the sep pad with them. I don't replace them often. I usually use the AR310RT

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    Re: Quick Question! Doing Maintenance on MX-M354N.

    We have tried with AR parts once, and had issues with copy quality. Not immediately but down the road. The machine didnt make half of its cycle and needed another PM. From there we just used spec parts which work fine. The rollers are different, and in some cases they work. From what I have seen it depends on what paper the customer uses. YMMV.

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    Re: Quick Question! Doing Maintenance on MX-M354N.

    I've never had an issue using the AR parts.


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