Hi all,

Obligatory 'first time poster, long time lurker' opening sentence with added dash of confident enough to finally post here and make account.

My issue is currently on an MX-M623n though I'm not particularly sold on that being relevant to the issue.

The customer is using a user authentication setting which was set up with no issues. Each person has their own log in and such and on the webpage was set up as a 'User' with standard 'User' rights etc.


When a person goes to log in to scan or copy a physical something or other, the touchscreen will allow the users to press 'Login' but then freezes. Nothing is able to be pushed or activated or anything. The only way we can maneuver after 'Login' has been pressed is to use the slide-out keyboard. That being said, the slide-out keyboard is also the only way the users are able to log in.. using arrow keys and the enter button on the slide-out.

Has anyone come across this? Is this a "feature" that is able to be skipped?

Things I've checked:
Firmware - current
User rights - acceptable
Enable/Disable settings/functions - nothing popping out or looking out of the normal.
Touchscreen - calibrated (as close as my sausage fingers allow it to get)

Any and all help or pointers are greatly appreciated!

Glad to finally be part of this community