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    MX-3070 black screen


    Someone familiar with a complete black display on the MX-3060 of MX-3070?

    Knows someone a possibility for a factory reset? In combination wit sw5?

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    Re: MX-3070 black screen

    I am dealing with the same problem! Luckily for me it is a demo floor machine. I "borrowed" the transfer lift clutches for a field machine, and when I put the clutches back on our demo floor MX-4070 the LCD display will not come on? I can hear the machine going through warm up, but no display? I have tried the mSATA card, LVDS PWB, ribbon cable from the LVDS PWB to SCU PWB, all with no luck. I know that the display works as I have tried it on another machine. I thought that maybe I was missing a connector? I went back through (at least 5 times) and found no loose connectors? Sorry I don't have a solution, but I wanted to let you know you are not alone! I would start with the mSATA card. If I get mine solved I will share what I found.
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    MX-3070 black screen

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    Re: MX-3070 black screen

    Does the screen come up in "emergency firmware" update mode? (DIP switch on MFP board).........

    If so remove the removable EEPROM's from MFP board, SCU board and PCU board and replace with EEPROM's from a known working machine. (Careful not to mix them up) These three chips will only work together, they are a "digitall locked" set.

    If machine comes up with the second set of EEPROM's ..... you must log a call with Sharp tech support and initiate EEPROM reprogramming with Sharp.


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    Re: MX-3070 black screen

    A couple known issues:
    -the cable under the op panel that powers the LCD and backlight can back out of the pwb. They changed the locking clips.
    -FCC cables from MFPSCN board to the op panel are also a known issue. Not fun to replace as the one cable must have the etire scanner unit removed to be replaced. These are the 2 flat white ribbon cable in the upper right of the main board.
    -you can also flip the dip switch on the MFPSCN board and attempt to force calibrate the op panel.
    -since Sharp combined the MFP and SCN boards, I have had dozens of these boards fail as well.

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    Re: MX-3070 black screen

    We had one similar to this and the ROM on the MCU board was the issue.

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