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    DV Unit losing magnetism

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    Re: DV Unit losing magnetism

    Quote Originally Posted by WhoDatXLIV View Post
    Thanks guys. Found the tool blackcat created and it worked beautifully. Looks like I need to speak with my pm guy now... smh
    With an older machine the foam seals start to deteriorate, and if using a brush or vacuum to clean, the foam will find it's way under the doctor blade and travel to a different area if not removed.

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    Re: DV Unit losing magnetism

    So how do you guys clean out your developers on a pm. Unless you remove the blade and the augers I dont think the vacume does much on the inside. In the shop after I clean it out with vacume I will blow out the inside of the unit. Out in the field to me it does not seem like you can do a great job on cleaning it without taking it apart. Maybe you guys are taking them apart. Just for my knowledge to find a better way, how do you guys clean them in the field.

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