I have TWO MX-3640n that will display a load paper tray1 message and when I go to copier both 8-1/2X11 trays show empty even though paper is present in the trays. All that is required to get it to print is to open and close the paper tray it says that is empty.
I have changed all feed unit sensors to new style sensors and I even swapped paper to another tray to see if it follows and it did say load paper tray2.
I have contacted Sharp tech support and I followed there guidance including the wire shark drop from print jobs and they had me turn off several ports not being used but the problem is still happening.
Also this issue will happen not on demand but all the time with word, excel, email, and internet print jobs, from macs and windows base computers it is non specific.
I believe there is some kind of firmware or driver fix for this issue because it is specific to this exact frame and model type.
Any help would be appreciated and welcome no matter what it is .