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Thread: print drivers

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    print drivers

    I have a customer that has a old sharp ar-m208n and new computers with windows 8 64 bit. We can see the machines embedded web page but cant print to it because doesn't support the ar-m208 print drivers any more. We tried a ar-m237 driver but it didn't work, the print job never reaches the machine but as far as the computer is concerned it went fine, no errors.We also tried several generic hp drivers, they all sent print jobs to the machine but all just gave a pcl error reported on the print. If any one has run into this before and knows where to find a compatible driver I would appreciate any help, thanks

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    Re: print drivers

    on the sharp site crosssearch the arp11 (network card) there is a bulliten on this. Never tried it just know its there.merry christmas!!

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    The following tip is for Win 7, but I am sure it is applicable for Windows 8.

    Tech Tip: TT-20166

    Models: Sharp MFP Models
    Priority: Medium
    Date: March 2010
    Subject: How to Show More Sharp Print Drivers in WindowsŠ 7
    Symptom: Cannot find the Sharp print driver in Windows 7, very few choices are displayed.
    Cause: Some older model MFP drivers are not available by default.
    Solution: Run Windows Update from the Add Printer Wizard.
    Run the Add Printer Wizard. Click on the Windows Update button in the Add Printer Wizard. The update
    may take a few minutes depending on the internet connection speed. The Printers list will be updated once
    this process completes.
    Click on the Manufacturer Sharp to see all available Sharp print drivers.
    Note: You may need to run Windows Update each time to see drivers not listed by default.

    The following Drivers should be listed once the update is complete. These are GPD drivers and may not
    provide the standard Sharp graphical user interface.

    AR-158F PCL 6® AR-160 PCL 5e
    AR-161 PCL® 5e AR-162 PCL 5e
    AR-163 PCL 5e AR-164 PCL 5e
    AR-168D PCL 6 AR-168S PCL 5e
    AR-200 PCL 5e AR-201 PCL 5e
    AR-205 PCL 5e AR-206 PCL 5e
    AR-207 PCL 5e AR-215 PCL 6
    AR-235 PCL 6 AR-275 PCL 6
    AR-280 PCL 5e AR-281 PCL 5e
    AR-286 PCL 5e AR-287 PCL 5e
    AR-310M SPDL2 AR-312S SPDL2
    AR-335 PCL 5e AR-336 PCL 5e
    AR-337/S332 AR-350LP SPDL2
    AR-350M SPDL2 AR-405 PCL 5e
    AR-407/S402 AR-420S SPDL2
    AR-450LP SPDL2 AR-450M SPDL2
    AR-505/S505 AR-507/S507
    AR-5220 PCL 6 AR-M150 PCL 6
    AR-M155 PCL 6 AR-M160 PCL 6
    AR-M162 PCL 6 AR-M165 PCL 6
    AR-M205 PCL 6 AR-M206 PCL 6
    AR-M207 PCL 6 AR-M208 PCL 6
    AR-M208N PCL 6 AR-M209 PCL 6
    AR-M236 PCL 6 AR-M237 PCL 6
    AR-M276 PCL 6 AR-M277 PCL 6
    AR-M280 PCL 6 AR-M280U PCL6
    AR-M300 PCL 6 AR-M310U PCL 6
    AR-M312U PCL 6 AR-M350 PCL 6
    AR-M350U PCL 6 AR-M351U PCL 6
    AR-M355N PCL 6 AR-M355U PCL 6
    AR-M420U PCL 6 AR-M450 PCL 6
    AR-M450U PCL 6 AR-M451N PCL 6
    AR-M451U PCL 6 AR-M455U PCL 6
    AR-M550N PCL 6 AR-M550U PCL 6
    AR-M620N PCL 6 AR-M620U PCL 6
    AR-M700N PCL 6 AR-M700U PCL 6
    AR-N275 PCL 6 AR-P300 PCL 6
    AR-P350 PCL 6 AR-P450 PCL 6
    DM-2000 DM-2001
    DM-2005 DM-2006
    DM-3500 PCL 6 DM-3501
    DM-3551 DM-4500 PCL 6
    DM-4501 DM-4551
    FO-DC550 PCL 6 MX-2300FG SPDL 2-c
    MX-2300G SPDL 2-c MX-2300N
    MX-2700FG SPDL 2-c MX-2700G SPDL 2-c
    MX-2700N MX-3500FN
    MX-3500N MX-3501FN
    MX-3501N MX-4500FN
    MX-4500N MX-4501FN

    Good luck!

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