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    MXM264 fax issue

    Customer called today that has a Sharp MX-M264 with MX-FX11 fax option. They said the machine will randomly dial a number on it's own. This has been going on for a week and they just decided to call today. They are 100 miles away. Any ideas/things to check/solutions? Never had this issue on any other Sharp with fax option. Found no bulletin on Sharp dealing with this and didn't find anything on google search for this specific model. Thinking maybe there is a number stuck in memory and perhaps a memory clear?

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    Re: MXM264 fax issue

    I have not run across this before, but would start with a memory clear. I would ask if it a number that they had previously
    faxed to or just random phone numbers.

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    MXM264 fax issue

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    Re: MXM264 fax issue

    A memory clear, might take care of this problem. See if you can print out an activity report.
    With all the 'robo calls', I wonder how a fax responds to them.
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    MXM264 fax issue

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    Re: MXM264 fax issue

    I would call customer and talk them through printing out the job log.

    Take a look at that and see what the number is? Is it always the same number?

    This is one of those "customer descriptions" that seems impossible as described.

    Perhaps it's them sending a fax that does not go through the first time, then when machine retries the end uses is perceiving this as the "machine dialing by itself"

    Just a thought

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