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    Sharp MX-3070 password changed

    This machine has the MX-FR52U Data Security Kit installed and the Password has been changed. Sim 24-30 is not an option and the only dip switch on the main board is for the screen calibration. I installed the firmware update believing it may give me the 24-30 option... it did not.

    The customer wants to set up Scan to Email but that required a password (unless you know a way around that)

    Any help will be MOST appreciated

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    Re: Sharp MX-3070 password changed

    You will need to contact Sharp on this. At school they said it could not be reset with the data security kit installed, period, but there was a post recently stating that Sharp could do it.

    Good luck and I would definitely like to know what the outcome is.


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    Re: Sharp MX-3070 password changed

    I have had to reset these in the past without a DSK using the normal method of getting a code and contacting the hotline to get it reset. HOWEVER on other models I figured out that if you removed the hard drive and wiped it on a pc and then EM reloaded all the data like a dead machine it would remove the password even with a data security kit. Have not tested it on this model yet but its worth a try. You will have to set the machine back up from scratch though

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