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    "ERROR [3000]: Processing failed."

    When I load up the Sharp MX2700N copier through the web browser and log in as the administrator to see the account readings, most of them show the number of copies, prints etc, but there are some accounts which don't and displays the message "ERROR [3000]: Processing failed." at the top of the page.

    I have switched off the copier and restarted it but it still gives the same message.

    Any ideas on what could be causing this?

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    odd problem... back up and dept codes address book etc also the scan codes if scanning is enabled.... then try a mem clear and hdd format

    I fix copiers ...Well Sorta

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    Yeah, really odd problem.

    See if you can log in as administrator on the machine, enter the user authentication settings of the system settings button and try to print out the user list. It is possible to print the same information you are trying to view on the browser. See if you get any errors listed against the same users or maybe the correct information might print out instead.

    Haven't seen this one myself yet, but similar 4 digit errors starting with '3' sometimes are caused by too many users logged in over the specified maximum number. Check the settings under Network Settings/HTTP access settings.

    Fireater is right.... do a device clone and storage backup first before you do anything if you are not sure about changing certain settings.
    Maybe even delete that user with the error code and then re-enter it.

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