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Thread: Sharp MX 3500N

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    Sharp MX 3500N

    Help have an error code U2-05 not sure what it is. I think it's a Hdd or Sram code. If anyone knows what it is and how to clear or fix let me know. Thanks. Never mind formatted Hdd and it cleared it. Thanks

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    I have had this occur on the MX3501 and it will go away after formatting and then come back. I set sim 62-12 to allow formatting of HD after error and so far it hasn't come back. Not sure if this is the reason why but if you continue to have this error might be worth a try.

    Good luck.


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    If you get a U2-05 code just out of the blue, when you have not just replaced either the HDD or MFP, it will either be a faulty MFP, HDD or DC Power Supply. I have seen all 3 cases be a cause of this issue over the years.
    On machines that have not had any parts replaced, but a U2-05 code shows up, means that the machine is detecting either the MFP or HDD as new, and not previously installed in this machine.....even though nothing has been changed.
    Its a data discrepency code, meaning the machine has detected a new HDD or MFP with a different serial number than what was previously installed.
    If you format the HDD and it comes back, firstly check the trouble code list for any E7-03 codes. If there is, then replace the HDD. If there are no E7-03 codes, replace the MFP. If it come back after that, then you have a noise issue on the DC power supply. I had this confirmed once through board repair service. There is a very small chance it will be a problem PCU board, but it will be either the HDD, MFP or DC power supply (usually in that order).

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    With U2 errors I would check power at the plug as well. Sharps like stable clean power.
    Just a thought!

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