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    MX-7001N- F2-42 Error

    Machine has had MC pwb, magenta DV unit and developer, and magenta drum and full charge kit replaced. Also swapped primary belt and secondary belt without improvement. Machine is pulling the developer so much, that after a minute or two, M DV unit is black, all pigments sucked out. I thought the MC would have fixed this, but it did not. Can I swap drum units as a test? Will this cause any serious problem? Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Codes are F2-42 at startup and EU-EE during setup.

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    Yes you can swap the drum assemblies and shouldn't have any issues. How many copies are on the box and have you looked at the drive assembly fon the rear and the toner tube?

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    I have had this fault before it's caused by (in my case) no dm earth this would pull all the toner from the dev making it look black

    This was a man made fault in my case

    I started applying a thin coat of silicon oil to the drum shaft to aid smoother insertion
    No thinking at the time silicone is a good insolater

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