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    Post Trouble Installing Used MX2700N

    Hi guys,

    I'm having much difficulty in installing my Sharp MX2700N. I bought it used and the people who sold it to me didn't have the cds that come with the machine when you first buy it. It is to my knowledge that these cds have essential activation or registration codes on them that I need for installing drivers and such. Do I actually need these activation/registration codes and if not how can I install my device. I downloaded all the zip files from Driver Search. I don't need to create a network so that all the computers at my office can use the machine. I only need two computers using it (both of which i will connect to using the usb cable --> I won't be needing to use the two computers at the same time clearly). One computer is running 64-bit vista and the other win2000.

    All I want to do is make it so that I can scan onto the computer.

    I installed the TWAIN driver and I was able to get up to the "Select Devices" part and at that point the window that popped up didn't have the "Add" Button; instead it had a drop down bar with nothing inside of it. So it is making me manually insert the IP address of the machine; however, the problem is that the computer cannot even recognize the device (it shows up as an "Unknown" device with no drivers that apply to it). How do I fix these problems?

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    Re: Trouble Installing Used MX2700N

    Good luck with the windows 2k setup. Be sure to get the GDI driver if you are using the USB port. You would be better off setting it on your network and using the PCL6 drivers would save you a lot of trouble. You will also need the GDI version of Sharpdesk but you might be able to get around it by using the scanner and camera's in control panel and adding the MX2700 device after you have installed the correct drivers (NOTE: very important to install drivers prior to trying to find the USB device, true with almost all USB devices anymore). Have done this on other Sharp scanners. In fact I could not get it to work until I added it under the scanners and camera setting. Best to have the original software whenever possible but there are work arounds for most everything!!

    Good luck.


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