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    Pamplets on Sharp MX7040N

    Technician question I am afraid.

    We have not had this machine long, our first Sharp after many yeras with Ricoh.

    We oftern print A4 documents to an A5 booklet (or pamphlet as Sharp call it).

    Really struggling to reduce the size though - can anyone offer any tips?

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    Re: Pamplets on Sharp MX7040N

    Is this from A4 original to A5 booklet? Or A5 booklet to A5 booklet?

    If the former; select pamphlet from Staple Sort, left binding, whether or not you want cover/double side original, etc. Select the A4R tray you want to print from, under Copy Ratio select Auto.

    If the latter; you will need to turn off Automatic Saddle Stitch from System Settings -> Device Control (I think...), then when you go to staple sort you won't see pamphlet mode but a new saddle stich mode. With this mode you can put already sorted booklet/pamphlet/whatever you want to call them, in the ADF and it will copy 1 to 1, staple and fold. (Inner page goes on top). You will also need to select centre staple.

    To save time, you can also register these for the end-user, select everything needed then on the right menu (if hidden press the arrow) Register Current Settings, (Similar to the Ricoh program key), save to favourites (star bottom left) or home screen.

    Also, a general tip for the Polaris update the firmware as soon as possible; especially recently they had full bleed issues.

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