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    Cannot view videos on CTN

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    Re: Cannot view videos on CTN

    Quote Originally Posted by Aneurysm View Post
    made some updates, now I can see the videos but new links aren't parsing over to videos, what's everyone else seeing?
    For me its working perfectly with FF 52.9.0

    ....... and Ron IS funny.

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    Cannot view videos on CTN

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    Re: Cannot view videos on CTN

    Quote Originally Posted by NeoMatrix View Post
    Re. URL

    I see the clickable URL text only. No black video screen or video image.

    I click the URL text and CTN then asks for confirmation to follow URL external link.
    The same way it works for me, and has for a long time without issue using either Chrome Version 70.0.3538.77 or Firefox Quantum Version 63.0.1, and Adblock plus enabled

    Great clip btw

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