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Thread: Search Keywords

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    Search Keywords

    Oftentimes I have an error code like "E7-14" that I would like research. When I enter that particular keyword into the search box I receive the following message:

    Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms.

    Now, I know there are multiple posts with this error code as well as others (H4-01, F1-01 etc) including a post that I started myself titled E7-14 that fail to result.

    My questions are: Is my syntax off? Is there a better way to find posts regarding these error codes?

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    Search Keywords

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    Re: Search Keywords

    My question is: Is there a better way to find posts regarding these error codes?
    The search function of this panel is, err......, ....weak..... (must be the Frimwar, LOL)

    Sometimes I use this:


    " Sent from my Intel i286 using MS-DOS 2.0 "

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    Re: Search Keywords

    I have on occasion had a Google search of an error code give results pointing to CTN threads.


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