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    Re: Toshiba Estudio 757

    You wasted your time of Dev unit, just fyi. They might lock up on you, but its never the dev units fault on this.
    Are the erase leds working? Whats the PM values at?

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    Re: Toshiba Estudio 757

    looks like erase led not conected. but check also the mylars on both ends of developer if its torn or has a small hole and/or doctor blade if its in spec space

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    Re: Toshiba Estudio 757

    Quote Originally Posted by blackcat4866 View Post
    I had a 557 recently that turned out to be wrong toner. It was a Toshiba tube, but I suspect the customer spoon fed it something else.

    Like most wrong toner situations, the only place the toner doesn't want to be is in the toner hopper or developing unit. The machine was a toner explosion. When I dumped the developer there were two distinct components that would not mix, the toner and developer. =^..^=
    I think you may be on to something, though thats nothing new. I worked on Sharps for 2 years but new company is Toshiba. How the page has a grey background on sharps would have almost garunteed a developer problem. Atleast personally I have never scene it where replacing the developer didn't solve this. Which of course bad toner could make it look like the developer is bad.

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