Tried the below but didn't work for Toshiba 351C, While i am able to access the same from IE. Also interestingly PS3 interrupts and exists without installing the drivers.

FYI... I have 3510C drivers also installed on the same machine.

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easiest way to set one up IMO is:
1. do what you have done
2. user functions > admin > 123456 > network > SMB
3. change name from mfp-xxxxxxx to something nice like "toshiba"
4. on computer go Start > Run
5. type \\toshiba (or whatever name you gave it)
6. double click on PS or PCL driver (computer will pull driver over takes 1-5 mins usually)
7. right click file_share and add a short cut

you can now print to the device and access scan to file documents via the shortcut you made. no need to set a static ip or change dhcp settings.