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    Xerox workcenter 5225 show error code 116-331

    Hello to all, I have problem with Xerox workcenter 5225 show error code I try to reset but show againAttachment 35878 any idea

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    Re: Xerox workcenter 5225 show error code 116-331

    Quote Originally Posted by Orion2010 View Post
    Hello to all, I have problem with Xerox workcenter 5225 show error code I try to reset but show againAttachment 35878 any idea
    116-331 Invalid Log Information RAP


    A log error is detected.

    Initial Action

    Power Off/On


    Remove the HD, switch off the power, reinstall the HD, and switch on the power.

    If the problem persists perform Hard Disk Diagnostic Program.

    If the problem persists replace the HDD .

    If the problem persists, replace the ESS PWB .

    Hard Disk Diagnostic Program



    HDD initialization using the UI-Diagnostic is only for Partition A.


    1. Access Diagnostic Routines.

      1. Enter UI Diagnostics .

    2. Select Sub System.

    3. Select Initialize Hard Disk and select Partition A.

    4. Press the Start button and select Yes.

    5. When Partition A has been initialized is displayed, select Confirm.


    After the above procedure, Partition A will be initialized.

    UI Diagnostic Mode


    Access UI Diagnostics by following the procedures below.

    Entering UI Diagnostics

    1. At the Control Panel, press and hold the 0 key for 6 seconds, then press the Start button while still pressing the 0 key.

      The CE - Passcode screen will appear.

    2. Enter the Access Number 6789 and press Confirm.
      The colors on the display are reversed to indicate that UI Diagnostics mode is active.

    Accessing Diagnostic routines

    1. Press the Machine Status button on the Control Panel.
    2. Select the Tools tab on the UI.
    3. Under Features column, use the down arrow and scroll to and select Maintenance / Diagnostics.

    1. The following Diagnostics Routines can be accessed from the UI screen.

      1. NVM Read/Write

        • Follow the instructions on the screen. If one or more NVM locations is changed, the machine will reboot upon exit.

      2. IO Check
      3. Sub System

        • Initialize Hard Disk
        • Hard Disk Failure Prediction Test
        • Delete All Data
        • Software Options
        • Fax Diagnostics

      4. Print Test Pattern

      5. Max Setup

      6. Initialize NVM

      7. Adjustment/Others

        • Machine ID/Billing Data

        • Initialize HFSI Counter

        • Tray 5(Bypass) Guide Adjustment

      8. Faults

    Printing Service Reports

    1. To access service reports, follow the Entering UI Diagnostics procedure.

    2. Press the Machine Statue button then select the Print Report.

    3. Using the down arrow find and select the CE button.

    4. The following reports can be printed.

      • Debug Log Report
      • HFSI Report
      • Jam Report
      • Shutdown Report
      • Failure Report

    5. Select the required report and press the Start button. The selected report will be printed.

    Exiting UI Diagnostics

    CAUTION Ensure that the machine is not inadvertently left in UI Diagnostics.

    There are three ways to exit from UI Diagnostics.

    • Switch the power off and on.
    • Perform the following:

      • Press Close to exit any of the service screens that were opened.
      • When the System Settings screen is displayed, press Exit.
      • When the reversed-color Main Menu screen is displayed, press the Start button while the 0 key is pressed.

    • If the Restart button is displayed on the screen, pressing the button will exit UI Diagnostics and restart the operation.


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