Hello to all.

We have a DocuColor 250 and a Tower Fiery EXP250. The Fiery was down and was put again to function a month ago, but since then we haven't been able to setup the DocuColor 250 Scanning Network function properly. When we use it, the file of the scanned document is not sent to the corresponding folder in the Tower Fiery. We don't know what we missed when we put it again to work. Anyone can help us? Thank you very much. Your help will be very much appreciate it.

This is basic information of the DocuColor 250 Startup page. Tower Fiery EXP250 is running Windows XP.

Server info:
Version: 1.1
Memory (MB): 1008

Protocol Setup:
Enable AppleTalk: Yes
AppleTalk Zone:
Enable TCP/IP: Yes
Enable IPX/SPX: No

Server Setup:
Enable LPD: Yes
Eneble PServer: No
Enable Windows Printing: Yes