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    Workcentre 5855 with finisher dog ear problem

    Hello all and Happy Friday.
    I got one that is bugging me a bit. I have a WC 5855 that is dog earring the paper on the second side only between the drum and entering the fuser. the leading edge is dog earred about 1 inch on the front of the printer. not every page but at least 1 in 20. if print single side no issues. if you unfold the ear. there is a complete image of what should be there semi fused due to double thickness of paper. the fuser rolls looked a bit worn tho not at life expectancy so replaced fuser. didn't solve. feed tires from cassettes look ok. page count 200k. now new fuser and drum (oem). customer is cheap. uses plain white copy paper from staples. I don't think it is the recycled version. when I put coincidentally xerox brand white paper in. it doesn't do it. I know for the most part it is probably the paper but any thoughts on if it could be something else? sorry for bad pix
    thanks Andy


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    Re: Workcentre 5855 with finisher dog ear problem

    Check duplex tray in bottom for any burrs, also check reg assembly, might be something stuck in the side 2 chute/baffle. Also check inverter assembly 2 sided path for any burrs.

    Check wires intact on the transfer/detack corotron, make sure in back of machine all the transfer wires are plugged in securely where they should be, nothing loose, if that fails see below:

    You can increase lead edge detack by changing a couple NVM's in diagnostics. This should push the lead edge of the paper flatter against the short paper path as it passes over the drum.

    In DC131 decrease the value of address 09-015 by about 20-30 and also decrease 09-018 by the same amount.
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