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    Xerox 7235 7335 error code 121-333

    Hi everyone,

    I have a couple of machine's which come up with the error message
    121-333 after the boot up.

    I think something happened to the harddisks (read,were formatted)

    I have the download tool, correct firmware version but the machine keep giving this error after downloading the firmware.

    Does anyone have an solution for this nasty problem.

    It might also be possible that the ClearAllFlag options has been used.

    Kind regards,


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    this is deu to the epsv communicate fail set the chan 850-001 to 850-010 all to 0

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    Thanks a lot!

    After resetting 850-001 and 007 the problem was gone!!

    There used to be a card reader attached to the Xerox 7235 but those were not connected anymore.

    Have a nice day,


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    [IMG]pws://file/xerox/edoc/wc7228-7235-7245/icons/wordproc.gif[/IMG] 121-333 RAP


    Foreign Interface/ESS Communication Fail. Communication cannot be established between the Foreign Interface and the ESS PWB.

    [IMG]pws://file/xerox/edoc/wc7228-7235-7245/icons/arrwup.gif[/IMG]Initial Action

    If an external Auditron-type device is connected to the Foreign Interface, ensure that the machine’s internal Auditron is disabled.


    [IMG]pws://file/xerox/edoc/wc7228-7235-7245/icons/caution.gif[/IMG]CAUTIONDo not attempt to troubleshoot this circuit by jumpering the Transmit Data or Receive Data lines on the ESS PWB. This will destroy the serial port on the ESS PWB.

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