Need Data Security Firmware for MX-FR10

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  • drmelbradley5
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    • Oct 2019
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    [Error Code] Need Data Security Firmware for MX-FR10

    Hard drive on my copiers stopped working correctly and the technician that came in has everything needed to reinstall except the data security firmware for MX-FR10. He said it could be a few weeks if we can't find a technician that has access to it. I need my copiers to work. Does anyone have this that they can send to me or directly to my technician? Thank you, my business can't run without copiers/printers...
  • slimslob
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    • May 2013
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    Re: Need Data Security Firmware for MX-FR10

    You need to contact whoever you got the machine from. Most manufacturers recommend that the SD card that their data security firmware is installed from be stored with the machine for just this situation.