C253 User authentication + Firmware update

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  • haiunparaiso
    • Jul 2024

    C253 User authentication + Firmware update

    Hello everyone! I've been reading some of your posts to try and solve my problems but didn't work for me.

    1st Question
    I have a 25C-4 unit completely functional on its own but I can't make it print on Windows computers.

    The thing is that I have enabled user authentication so that I can track the amount of copies and prints that every single user makes.

    I send the print job without a problem, but it always gets cancelled as soon as it enters the machine, specifying "Deleted due to error - Login error". It gets the user name and everything, but it never prints. In the computer I get the user authentication pop up window, and I enter the user name and password correctly.

    The only way to make it print is enabling public user, or disabling user authentication.

    I have installed the printer drivers that are not the universal ones, and the machine's IP is configured.
    Nonetheless in the panel with the printer propierties, when I click on "Load/obtain device information" or " Load/obtain configuration... " it fails !

    2nd Question = FIRMWARE UPDATE
    My firmware right now is A02E0Y0-3000-G00-65. Is there a new one available? Which will be the advantages/disadvantages of updating?

    3rd Question = WEB SERVICES / Acessing the machine from Chrome
    Whenever I click on Web Services it sends me to an address that's is blank. Entering the machine's IP on my browser sends me to another direction (adding /wcd/index.html at the end of it) but is a blank web page as well.