C-1196 code

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    • Jul 2024

    C-1196 code

    This issue I've been having is with the Saddle Unit and doing Half-Folds on 8.5x11 paper. Did my due diligence by making sure there was nothing binding the rollers, doing sensor checks, load checks, component test in service mode. Checked/Replaced M8 which is stated in KM SM, which didn't solve the problem. Finally I ordered a new SDCB AND FSCB and installed only the SDCB. SD-511 is now doing what it's supposed to do. I'm a happy camper before Christmas. Happy New Year everyone. Aloha
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    Re: C-1196 code

    Konica Support didn't know anything about this code. That's why I'm posting it here. Have a great day, someone will need this someday