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  • copierlady
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    set up scan to email c350

    Working on 2 c350 machines. One has fiery, one does not. Can anyone give me simple, detailed instructions to setup scan to email? I am limited in this area so please make it detailed and simple. Thanks!
  • RRodgers
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    On the C350 the email server HAS TO BE running at there office. (if I remember correctly) those boxes wouldn't support a email server that wasn't local.

    For instance, if they wanted to use yahoo's email server that wouldn't work. They would have to have a server at there office to handle the email.

    Course, you could always set up argo soft on one of the PC's and use that. I'll have to dig to find a step by step. (argosoft might have it on there site)
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    • Stirton.M
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      Originally posted by copierlady
      Working on 2 c350 machines. One has fiery, one does not. Can anyone give me simple, detailed instructions to setup scan to email? I am limited in this area so please make it detailed and simple. Thanks!
      you can download all the user manuals for this machine here

      Konica Minolta Knowlegebase

      The "Advanced" or "opsC350PrintController" manual have most of what you need for the basics.

      On machine without fiery...

      Web into the machine, login as administrator (on this machine either 0000, or 00000000, I cannot remember which, but those are default on the machine itself and through pagescope), and then you will have a network tab available to you. Under the network tab, you will see the email settings on the left side column.

      Ignore the receive option, it isn't needed. The send option, fill in the IP address of the mail server. Unlike the previous answer given, this will connect to an external server as long as the network admins did not lock out internet access on the server side. Set max mail size (this is important to know) and disable binary division.

      Mail size is important because of the type of scan that may be performed. There is little compression available on this model, so scanning a document at 600DPI and full colour can yield a significant file size relative to one scanned in at 200DPI and grayscale/blacknwhite.

      Logout of admin, and in user mode, you have a scan tab. Refer to the manuals on how to register an address here. It cannot be done through the control panel of the machine unfortunately.

      On the fiery, known as an IC-401, the download link to those manuals is here...

      Konica Minolta Knowlegebase

      Again, web into the machine. You should see an option called "fiery web tools" on lower left.

      The computer you are webbing in from MUST have java installed or you will not be able to view the tool.

      From the tool, click on the assorted tabs to see their contents. The Scan to Email option should be under Network Settings-Service 3. Again, you do not need to set receive, you can put a loopback ( address there. The transmit entry, you can use either an IP address or the name of the email server (be sure to set the DNS entries under Protocol 1). Under most cases, Username and passwords are not required. Fiery email address and administrator address must be filled. In most cases, a valid address must be used for the fiery. It can simply be a generic company address or a user address or the IT guys can set up a specific address. This is also applicable to the without fiery setup.

      In the case of the Fiery configuration, you cannot set any network settings on the copier. Those are all the purvey of the Fiery. However, setting up the one touch registrations is the same as without a Fiery.

      Review the manuals for more detailed information.
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