950 w/ folding finisher j72-18 jams

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    [Jamming] 950 w/ folding finisher j72-18 jams

    We have several KM 950s with the folding finishers (FS 611) that jam before the entrance of the stacker unit. The jam code is 72-18. We have replaced the punch, punch board, 2 gates after punch, 1 way rollers, and foam rollers just before stacker entrance.

    The original finisher with this issue had 2 million clicks. We now have another unit with the same symptoms that only has 80K as it is a new unit.
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    If I remember the large clear guide marked FN3? gets quite deep nicks in the ribbed running surface and this causes the jams. It is a bit of a beast to change as it is the one at an angle and is held in by a clip at the top rear pivot!
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