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07-14-2015, 05:38 AM
I am getting light scans and copies when it comes to capturing light pastel shaded documents. It appears that the scans are coming out overexposed in the areas where a lighter pastel tone is in use. A good example of this is with excel documents where it has a cell shaded with a pastel green or orange and black text.

the background will appear completely white in these instances. I can regain some of the color when I use photo/text mode as the original source, but the client is unhappy with the color and tone reproduction. This is especially the case when it comes to matching their company colors.

This is a brand new machine running the latest firmware. The issue is present from the glass and adf. I also tried stacking 10 sheets behind the source on the glass hoping this would prevent too much light from bleeding through the page.

does anyone have any recommendations to reduce the amount of exapoure on scans to pick up a more true color palette to the original?

bonus question: remote panel operation works fine from the browser, mobile devices are not working. The IT contact can use his phone to connect with the web browser, but not the RA application. Enhanced CE security, could this be a probable cause?

Thanks in advance!

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