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01-25-2016, 09:19 PM
I've got a quite old but in good condition Konica Minolta C450 copier. It worked fine few years but some days it started jamming paper with 3001 code. Sometimes it prints 20 pages without jamming and sometimes it jams every page. There is no difference which tray is used - it jams from all but mostly from Tray 1. When it jams there is some very noisy crunch.

Here is a video - I'm printing a test page on A3 paper (from Tray 3):


1. I've checked all sensors mentioned in service manual using a service menu (PC1, PC28, PC30, PC27) - they all works.
2. I've checked also Clutch CL3 - it is OK.
3. I tried to replace 2nd Image Transfer Roller, clutch CL3, checked all the bushings (they are not oval) - no results.
4. I've tried to replace the whole Transport Unit Assy from other working machine - no results.

When I'm printing on A4, one page stops in fuser (the page leading edge is in copier exit area), second page stops just before registration roller. When I'm printing A3 it stops as in video - leading edge in exit area, middle of the page is at fuser, end of the page is before registration roller. Always the jam code is the same - 3001.

I have no idea yet where to look for the solution. I've spent few days trying to fix it, but until now no results.

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