View Full Version : An arcade emulator, just add games apparently.

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03-07-2016, 12:00 AM
If anyone wants this, it is now open source:
MAME Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator (http://mamedev.org/?p=422#)
Just for grins I downloaded it. There doesn't appear to be any games included.

10-04-2016, 05:09 PM
MAME has never included roms. They must be acquired separately. I've been a MAME user for 16 years now. Built my own arcade cabinet also.

10-04-2016, 05:54 PM
The Emulator Zone - Your Source for Emulation! (http://www.emulator-zone.com/) has tons of great emulators....ROMS on the other hand they don't...there are ways to acquire them...this kept me from being bored when I was in Iraq with downtime...I've got probably 2k+ roms of all the old games I grew up playing...

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