View Full Version : bizhub PRESS 1052 misfeeds LTR-R duplex originals only

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04-01-2016, 01:53 AM
Jam code J6203, only on LTR-R duplex originals. I can run hundreds of originals without a hitch, then jam 5 in a row. This machine has been kicking my a$$ for a while now, and I think I may have finally figured out something.

The first side is scanned, and reverses to invert the original. The original is found in the path under the DF, with the trailing edge slightly crinkled at the gate. The picture doesn't show much, but it's snagging on one of the inverter guides at the center:


You can see more if you remove the crosspiece from below. There are two gravity operated plastic guides which have warped just a little, just enough to prevent gravity from working. If one were to operate the solenoid, they would see the gate following the movement of the shaft, rather than following gravity.

The guides can be released from the shaft from the top, then removed from below. I attempted to re-form the plastic, but it doesn't seem to hold the shape for long. I wanted to use a torsion spring, like from a switch flag, but paper must pass on all sides of this guide. There's no place for the spring to push off of. My solution was to use gravity enhancers. The two guides weigh almost nothing, so a 2.5mm shear pin that is trimmed for length fits from the bottom and is glued on. I'm liking the new LazerBond.


Has anyone seen this problem? I thought that this was a fairly elegant solution. =^..^=

04-01-2016, 06:18 AM
Same kind of thing happens on the B601 machines after some time the plastic sags.

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