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04-21-2016, 02:18 PM
Hi everyone,

Any advice on this issue is very welcome. I have a Taskalfa 5501i that is jamming constantly - jam1301 - in cassette 1. Have replaced all rollers and even tried a different pick up assembly entirely but to no avail. Cassettes 2 3 and 4 run with no problems and the pick up assembly from cassette 1 works fine in the others.

I have ordered and currently waiting on a new feed drive - 302N493030. Has anyone ever had to replace this due to jamming? Or the clutches (302KV44041) in that housing?

Another machine we have that is the same model is starting to throw this code intermittently too. And I'm thinking the cause is the same with clutches in the feed drive.

Cannot find any threads on this issue so maybe the problem isn't that common and Im maybe just overlooking something.
Thanks very much for any help.

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04-21-2016, 03:56 PM
The drive pack is definetley an issue! We've had this on the TA-8000i mainly because they have more volume but have some TA-5500i's do it also. The drive packs are exactly the same from the 45ppm to the 80ppm and it looks like in the "1 range" the same rules apply. It started happening on our machines at around the 1.5million mark. If you split the pack the clutches inside will be rusted which causes the issue, you can split the pack and clean/replace the clutches to get around it but it's best just to replace the pack.

There's also a clutch behind that drive pack which drives the vertical transport, the clutches on these machines aren't the best so while your replacing the drive pack I would definetley replace the clutch also.

Good Luck.

04-21-2016, 05:09 PM
I doubt your issue requires replacing the whole drive unit. It sounds like it's specifically the cassette 1 feed assist clutch which you can test in U032. The assist rollers should be just barely visible from the cassette bay with cassette 1 removed.

04-22-2016, 06:20 PM
Feed drive did the trick. Looks like it was a single clutch in the pack causing the problem but machine was still under warranty so just replaced the entire drive and voila.
Thanks for the replies.

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