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08-31-2016, 11:17 AM
Morning. I got a word file that was converted in to a pdf that I'm trying to print. If I print it through word with the booklet setting through a printer driver it comes out as it should, two A4 pages side by side on one side of A3 duplex and all is good. (its a 2 sheet of A3 booklet) After converting the same word file in to a PDF and printing with the same printer driver I simply get all pages on one A3 duplex. As if multiple pages on one sheet is selected instead of booklet. The way I see it, the printer driver if fine as it prints correct from word but something in Adobe reader overrides the driver setting. I have tried PS and PCL drivers, tried playing with various settings but absolutely made no difference what so ever.
Any suggestions? It is Olivetti MF304 and also tried on Konica c364e no change.
Thank you

08-31-2016, 11:46 AM
Had an issue like this once before and the company I.T guy did something on their system that made the machine print driver the priority over all other programmes internal drivers. Not sure what he did but he sorted it in less than a minute so it can't have been too difficult.

Sorry cannot give any more info but i'm not overly I.T savvy myself

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